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12 months manufacturer's warranty - 12 months Bullguard Total Protection Antivirus - New, Boxed high specification Lenovo Thinkpad 11e 11.6 inch laptop with 8GB Ram and a 256 Solid State Hard Drive. We are a Lenovo, Microsoft & AMD business partner. VAT receipt with every sale.

***Grade - Brand New Boxed with 12 months manufacturers warranty.

***Why buy from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher?***

*Our partnership with Microsoft, Intel & Lenovo alleviates concerns that buyers have regarding the legitimacy of who has the qualifications to supply new computers.

*We are a specialist high street computer shop since 2006, not some guy working from his kitchen table with no qualifications & installing counterfeit software

*Ready to use out of the box. Plug in for instant internet & MS office access.

*100 percent genuine Microsoft software

*Expert Technical Support

*Thousands of repeat customers since 2006

*Support and updates from Microsoft

**The following programs are installed**

Windows 10 - A genuine copy of the operating system.

Microsoft Office - Powerful office suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher etc. suitable for business, students, and home users.

Gimp - Powerful photo editing software.

1 Year Bullguard Antivirus – Comprehensive Total Protection Antivirus For This & 2 Other PC's

Microsoft Edge – Superfast internet browser for Windows 10

**The Computer Comes With The Following High Specification Hardware**

Fast Intel 8100Y Processor - For the most demanding tasks

Massive 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive - For storing your documents, photos, music etc

Huge 4 GB RAM - For super fast access to your memory

Intel High Definition Graphics

Battery life up to 15.7 hours



Original Lenovo Mains charger

11.6 Inch Touch Screen