HP Elitebook 14.1 Inch Laptop 12 Months Warranty Professionally Refurbished 500 HDD 8GB Ram MS Office Intel i5 Quad Core

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Modern slim high specification HP Elitebook 12.5 inch laptop with 12 months warranty in excellent condition. Professionally refurbished by a certified engineer under the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program. We are an Intel, HP & Microsoft business partner. VAT receipt with every sale.

***Grade A Refurbished - A fully working laptop in great condition with only very minor marks or wear.

***Why buy from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher?***
*Our partnership with Microsoft, Intel & HP alleviates concerns that buyers have regarding the legitimacy of who has the qualifications to supply refurbished computers.
*We are a specialist high street computer shop since 2006, not some guy working from his kitchen table with no qualifications & installing counterfeit software
*Ready to use out of the box. Plug in for instant internet & MS office access.
*100 percent genuine Microsoft software
*Expert Technical Support
*Thousands of repeat customers since 2006
*Support and updates from Microsoft

**The following programs are installed**

Windows 10 Professional - A genuine copy of the operating system.

Microsoft Office - Powerful office suite that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher etc. suitable for business, students, and home users.

Gimp - Powerful photo editing software.

Microsoft Antivirus & Firewall – Comprehensive antivirus

Microsoft Edge – Superfast internet browser for Windows 10

**The Computer Comes With The Following High Specification Hardware**

Super-Fast Quad-Core Intel i5 2.53 GHz Processor - For the most demanding tasks

Massive 500 GB Hard Drive - For storing your documents, photos, music etc

Huge 8 GB RAM - For super-fast access to your memory

HD Graphics



3 x USB

Original HP Mains charger

14.1 Inch screen

As one of only a few Microsoft Registered Refurbishers in Ireland we only install genuine Microsoft software, providing you with confidence that your computer will be updated with all the features only available for genuine licenses. We are wholly governed by the Microsoft Refurbishing process & adhere stringently to their code of practice.